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Real Estate Business: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When will I receive my commission?
     Upon payment of equity by the buyer (paid-up) which is usually 30% of the total package price. Commission shall be processed and in about 2 weeks time, it will be released.
2. Can I recruit my spouse and my relatives?
    Yes, you can, provided they are 18 years of age and above.
3. How much will I pay to join?
    You only need to pay Php 275.00 or $5.  This is just to cover expenses on the computerized marketing system, folio, I.D., and other marketing and sales resources that are made available to every recruit.
4. Is this another type of MLM or multi-level marketing?
    No. As you can observe, MLM requires several hundred dollars or thousands of pesos to join, which is an outright big advantage on the part of the MLM Company. If the person who joined won't succeed, at least the person contributed to the huge sum bloating the MLM company's financial resources. If he will, the more wealth they accummulate. While here in Land Asia Global Properties Network, the joining fee is negligible but when you make a sale, the commission is big. It is basically a product oriented company and not based on Pyramiding or MLM.
5. Aside from commission, is there any salary or incentive that we can get?
    Upon reservation of the buyer (even if he has not paid any down payment yet) there are incentives that will be given by developers and  Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation depending on the amout of sale and the specific project sold.
It will be given right away upon presentation of the reservation agreement to give more financial support to the property consultants or agents. However, strictly, there are no fixed salaries as we are in the system of "earn by results" thus, giving everyone more freedom and no income ceiling.
6. How long can I stay in the Company?
    Your position will stay as long as you can and can be handed over to your immediate family from generation to generation providing residual income in the future generated from your downlines even if you stop working.
7. Do I have a uniform?
   Land Asia prescribes a standard uniform for ladies and for men  however, it will be at your own cost, though not compulsory.
8. Where is Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation located?
    Ground Floor Geson Bldg., Jakosalem St., Cebu City, Philippines.
9. What are the qualifications to join?
  Ideally, you should know how to use the internet, at  least knows how to send and  manage emails. At least 18 years of age. Ideally, college graduate and/or experience in Sales is an  added advantage but not absolutely necessary.
10. What is the difference between Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation   and Land Asia Global Properties Network?
    Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation is the mother Company who supports the network. Land Asia Global Properties Network is a subsidiary of Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation. Being a subsidiary, you can make your own Company independent of Land Asia Realty by achieving the position of Global Investment Director where all your downlines are all your people under your own network.
10. Are there tax deductions in the commission and how much?
    Yes. Withholding tax of 5%
11. If my downline APC sells a unit, and I am also an APC, and I have not sold any, will I receive an over riding commission?
      No, because you have the same rank. However, the sales of your downline can promote you one rank higher. So, in this case both of you becomes PC even if you have not sold any, provided that both of you have recruited at least 5 APC downlines.
12. Can I join even if I'm not based in Cebu?
   Yes. You enjoy the same benefits and your commission will be mailed to you. However, since you are not physically present to trip the buyer to the site and to the Developer's office, you need somebody to do this for you which normally gets 1% assistance fee but the sales credit will be yours. For example, you have reached the GID position which give you a 4% commission , you still enjoy 3% while the somebody doing the legwork for only 1%.
13. Can I make this as my sideline since I have a full time work?
It is ideal to have full time dedication since the financial rewards here are much greater than any full time work. On the other hand, if you wish it to be so, you certainly can but take note that there are a lot of things to learn here and most of your competitors are full timers. Buyers prefer the skillfull and the knowlegeable.
14. How credible is your Company?
We have DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) Permit, Mayor's Business Permit, and we have been operating since 1992. Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation is known to be the biggest Real Estate Firm in Cebu and the Visayas, a consistent leader in selling Cebu Real Estate Properties. Our President, Mr. Ricardo Inting is based in Las Vegas, USA  with Cactus Realty and Vision One Realty in Las Vegas as our alliance.
15. Am I required to report and attend meetings as scheduled?
Every member is encouraged to attend but not compelled. Attendance to meetings can certaily help you to be updated with the development of the existing projects and consequently improve your competence. If you can produce the results for instance being on your own with your computer at home, it would be fine.
16. What is the proof that I should be entitled to a commission? and where will i get it?
Everytime a buyer makes a reservation, the Developer executes a reservation agreement to be signed by the buyer and Developer upon receiving the reservation fee. Also affix your signature in this document as Agent; secure a photocopy  and send to Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation. You will then get your commission on a Friday if a check from the Developer is received on Wednesday morning as cut off on a weekly basis. (Note: 30% paid up is usually the qualifying for a full commission)


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