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Picture a large beautiful sailing ship with all its many magnificent sails. The sails are the driving power of the ship and the ship is YOU. What type of sails do you want on your ship and how strong are your sails? You will constantly have to repair every sail of the ship.
Pride  -  The pride of winning the game, pride of achieving your goals, wealth, prestige, influence, power, etc. keeping this foremost in your mind and you will be energized  to keep moving.
Work Performance - Do the best you can at every given moment. Get the habit of having immense satisfaction and pleasure of achieving good work performance.
Imagination - Great inventors use imagination to create what seems impossible at the start. Imagine yourself achieving all the wealth you want to acquire in this world, and you'll have them.
Courtesy - Get in the habit of saying Hello, Good morning, Thank you, I appreciate it. 
Self Discipline - Be strict towards yourself with regard to all of your habits for it is only by establishing and maintaining good productive habits that the achievement of your goal is assured.
Honesty - Honesty is the mark of a professional. It is equity in itself. Knowing that you are trustworthy is an asset.
Faith - Believe in yourself. "What you can conceive and believe, you will achieve"
Perseverance - Say to yourself " In the event that I experience temporary set back on my way towards my goal, I will recognize it for what it is, only a temporary set back, and as I rationalize the matter or event, i will be like a reed that bends with the wind and my perseverance and tenacity will be doubly strengthened as a result of any temporary set back I may experience"
Courage - Stand your ground and make tough decisions only you can make. Then act on your decision immediately sure of the knowledge that you are in control of your own affairs and your own destiny.
Showmanship - Put your best foot forward. It's like ice cream on a halo-halo. Showmanship is selling the sizzle not the steak. Showmanship is adding color to your life.
Product Knowledge - Get to know yourself, your weaknesses and your strengths. Know your benefits and features. You are a very unique person; there is no one else like you. Sell yourself.
Self Confidence - Feel supremely confident of your own ability and of course accordingly, you will act and behave in a very competent manner. You will have complete confidence in your ability to handle and control any and every situation with which you are confronted in a way that is best suited for you to achieve your goal.
Organization - The 5 Ps. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Enthusiasm - Say to yourself, "Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm" Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. Its potential value far surpasses money, power and influence. Ethusiasm is faith in action. Some of us are enthusiastic at times and a few even retain their eagerness for a day or a week. But I must and will form the habit of sustaining my enthusiasm indefinitely, honestly and sincerely so that the success I enjoy today can be repeated tomorrow and next week and next month. Enthusiasm, the love for whatever it is I'm doing at the moment, works in marvelous ways I need not even attempt to understand but I do know that it will give additional vitality to my muscles and my mind. Enthusiasm in all I do will become, with work, a habit. We first must make our habits, and then good or bad, they make us. Enthusiasm will be my charriot to a better life. Already I am smiling in anticipation of the good to come.
Conviction - This is the quality of giving your all out efforts to be totally committed to whatever you do. When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.
Service - This is the quality of being valuable. Give to people much more than their expectations.
Personal Appearance - Looking sharp from the outside, feeling good from the inside with a smile.
Desire - Desire comes from being hungry for a goal. It is the fuel that gets you started and keeps you going.
Goals - Say to yourself " I greet each morning with goals for the day and I make certain that all I planned is complete before I sleep. Soon, the accomplishments of each day are gathered one atop another, like the ant piles his grains of sand and eventually a castle is erected large enough to house any dream. This is not difficult to accomplish once I have learned to harness my impatience and deal with life a day at a time. I can do it. I will do it. Life can be joyful as children at play.


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