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Real Estate Business: Resurrection

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Yes, it's better to own than to rent
What can I do for you?
I  like it!
It's good if my family is secured
Well, I already have a house and lot
The location is too far
But there's no garage
I'm now renting a house and it's fine.
I'm looking for 1 million budget
I'll think it over
It's very expensive
I'll ask my wife first
I prefer longer terms of payment
I'm just inquiring, I'll just call you back
I'm interested but I have no money yet
Your interest charges are very high
But there is no swimming pool
You are selling, but there's no title yet
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Champion: "Good Morning sir, my name is Manny from Land Asia. I'm here to show you some exciting investments you might be interested in. Can I have a little of your time?
Prospect: I"m sorry, I"m so busy"
Champion: "Oh, I'm sorry, I caught you at the wrong time. Can I just get your contact number. I hope you wouldn't mind if I call you back for an appointment, would you?
Prospect: "You can just try, I hope I won't be busy by then"
Champion: "Ok, sir, I'll be glad to call you for an appointment."
                           AFTER GETTING AN APPOINTMENT
Champion: Good morning sir. First of all, thank you for sharing me your precious time. As I promised you last time, I wanted to show you some exciting investments that could be of interest to you. It's a house and lot package that you can possibly own for you and your family.
Prospect: That sounds interesting.
Champion: Yes, it is very interesting. By the way, may I ask, if you have your way, what particular location are you interested in?
Prospect: If it's near the City, the better.
Champion: You mean, Cebu city?
Prospect: Yes.
Champion: Examples of location near the City are Guadalupe, Labangon, and Lahug, but they require a budget of more than 4 million, is that within your budget sir?
Prospect: That's expensive. I cannot afford that
Champion: Is Lapu-lapu City an acceptable location for you?
Prospect: Do you have something nearer?
Champion: Yes, in Mandaue but the budget is about 2 million, is that within your price range?
Prospect: Still too high for me
Champion: How much is your budget then sir?
Prospect: I'm not sure at the moment
Champion: Is one million payable in 10 years affordable for you?
Prospect: I think that's a lot better
Champion: You can find that budget in Consolacion, will that be okay for you?
Prospect: Ok, it it's affordable.
Champion: It is indeed affordable. And I'm pleased to present to you BRIZA Subdivision. It is located in Barangay, Nangka, Consolacion. What type of house do you prefer, will townhouse be okay or single detached?
Prospect: Single detached is better and for as long as it is affordable.
Champion: Sir, you will be delighted to know that there is one Briza house model that is perfectly the type you will like because it is single detached, and yet is is so affordable; the total contract price is only 1 million pesos. As you can see in this brochure, it has 2 bedrooms, 1 CR, and a provision for garage and laundry. Not only that, you will be glad to know that Briza has the amenities of a first class subdivision but the price is incredibly low.
Prospect: How far is the location from the highway?
Champion: About 1 kilometer
Prospect: That seems too far
Champion: I understand you concern sir, but it's only 5 minutes drive by tricycle and very accessible. And it's very near the market, restaurant, church and very accessible by jeep from Cebu City. So you can have both, accessibility and affordability.
Prospect: Well, I didn't realize that.
Champion: Sir, as we have discussed the major benefits, for the Olive model, it's the type you like being a single detached, good location, and most of all it's within your budget. May I invite you to see this house personally. Can we have it anytime at your convenience today or tomorrow?
Prospect: I'll be busy tomorrow. Will Sunday be fine?
Champion: That's fine. Is nine in the morning comfortable for you?
Prospect: Ok, that's fine
Champion: Yes sir. I look forward to that day. Thank you very much for your wonderful time.
                        DURING ACTUAL  SITE VISIT
Champion: This is the Olive model sir. As you can see, the living room, dining, kitchen, two bedrooms, one Toilet & bath and a provision for car and laundry. It's a big lot isn't it?
Prospect: Yes, the lot is big. But the house seems small. What's the floor area?
Champion: It's a 36 square meter. You will be pleased to know that this unit is expandable. You can expand someday if you like because you have a big lot area. By the way, how many are you in the family?
Prospect: We only have one kid
Champion: I can see that this unit fits the size of your family and that you are concerned that someday you might need more space for your growing family?
Prospect: That's right.
Champion: That's exactly one feature of BRIZA that's really suited for you sir. Just the right size at the moment  but when you need more space someday, its readily expandable.
Prospect: That's good.
Champion: Are you also concerned about durability sir?
Prospect: Definitely
Champion: You will be delighted to know that BRIZA house models are made of shear wall technology which makes it three times stronger than hollow block. So you will have a lifetime durability.
Prospect: Wonderful
Champion: Sir, it looks like the Olive model is really the type that's perfectly designed for you. Incidentally, this house model is our fast seller, and there are very few units left. If you can reserve 10,000 now, I can hold this specific lot you have choses. Can we drop by our office right now?
Prospect: Do you have low down payment and longer terms of payment?
Champion: Definitely we have that. And we can get the most accurate figures and negotiate for better terms there. Shall we?
Prospect: Ok.


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